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12000 EMP: TERA: Rising [Instant Access] Review

12000 EMP: TERA: Rising [Instant Access] Review


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    “That I Didnt Want To Spend Money On Games Nor Wanted To Purchase A Game Currency About Amazon Because What Should Its a Scam Or Comes Super Late”

    I Purchased this Thing because I was a bit reluctant on using my credit card for games and things of This Type.

    I also was wondering if that would work. I sat there for a while thinking if I should purchase this item for a while. Then I decided to give it a try, I didnt need to spend money on games wanted to buy a game currency on amazon because what if its a scam or comes super late? Once I bought it that the EMP was automatically charged to my TERA account, it was fast, amazing, and just general good. It erased all my doubts about buying in game money for amazon.

    12000 EMP: TERA: Rising [Instant Access] Review | 13200EMP No Review


    “Tera: Growing Is Alot Of Fun That You Will Enjoy, And Its Free! ”

    TERA: Growing is a great free-to-play, massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. The game is free but the game does have an economy system. The game permits you to purchase some cool extras if you’d like them. TERA: Rising is alot of fun and there is plenty of stuff to do within the game even if you simply play within the free edition. The game has a fairly good story but really the reason you will play is to battle within the match. The combat within the game is point and click and there is a certain degree of skill required in combat. You get to select between seven character races and eight character types. You will find over 80 zones within the game.The game is powered by Unreal 3 Engine. The game is fun whether you are going to play for hours at a time or just jump in for a fast match. I enjoyed this game and I would certainly recommend it.Thank you for reading my review.

    12000 EMP: TERA: Rising [Instant Access] Review | 13200EMP No Review


    “Great Mmo With Awesome Combat Mechanics”

    I downloaded this a while back and didnt get around to enjoying until recently. I play lot of F2P games and pretty much try all of the latest titles (Firefall, Neverwinter, Warframe, Rift, The Old Republic, Planetside, etc) so I dont have any genre. I like playing a game or I get bored fairly quickly and proceed. TERA is an interesting title. . .the initial onboarding isnt as great or engaging as some thing like Neverwinter but as soon as you get through the first levels, the game gets really fun. TERA also doesnt have the rich storytelling of something like the Old Republic however, the battle is SO much better than most games that I dont really mind. There is a rich lore into TERA that Im sure lots of people are into but I actually just enjoy the playing the game.The graphics are awesome and the entire world design is quite varied. There’s also a whole lot of variety in monsters and enormous sub-boss and boss fights that are tough but fair when you understand how to use your skills.TERA is a pretty big game to get but worth it IMO. Its also one of those few free to play games Ive spent actual money on (had an old gift card and urge purchased on Amazon). In a nutshell, no game is ideal and TERA has its own flaws but Im having more fun using TERA than many of the more recent free to play games on the market.

    12000 EMP: TERA: Rising [Instant Access] Review | 13200EMP No Review