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Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software Review

Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software Review


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ASIN: B004G6IQ78


    • Letter It! Easy Embroidery Lettering Software from Amazing Designs
    • Say it with style with Letter It! This feature-packed embroidery lettering software lets you create single or multi-line embroidered text in a variety of fonts. Whether you´re adding text to embroidery designs or using fashionable layouts like Circle or Vertical Text, it´s easy to customize every embroidery project with Letter It! Embroidery Lettering Software
    • Features Choose from 35 fonts, from formal to whimsical
    • Create single-line or multi-line text
    • Use Circle Text, Path Text and Vertical Text layouts



Product Reviews

“Great Software”

At first I was a little frustrated without having any directions come with this program. Nor were there any tutorials online. However, after playing with it for a while, it today is very easy to use. I am new to the world of embroidery and this has really helped me. I’ve the brother SE400 and it works perfectly with this machine. I have also bought additional fonts and blended them with ease. This is your best option for software if you plan on doing lettering. The only disadvantages I could think of are 1. No directions with the software 2. You may still need to buy extra fonts (as they’re pretty basic). However, I was able to buy 10 popular fonts of line for about $15.

Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software Review | B004G6IQ78 Review


“Glad I Ignored Negative Reviews And Purchased This! ”

I am very happy with this item. It’s everything I expected and Im not sure why others have said there’s no manual. The manual is on the disk in PDF format, and so I printed out a copy. I had been worried about this purchase because of a number of those negative reviews. One said she got no serial number. The serial number is on the folder which the disc is included in. I figure if you throw away the folder along with the plastic sleeve with all the disk you wouldnt have one. There is a Not returnable if Seal is Broken but when you proceed on the Website it explains what to do if your disk is faulty. My expertise is better then expected so Im happy I took the plunge. I am able to import my own fonts also. This is just what I wished to place words and multi lineup in some Softbooks I create for infants in our family/friends, etc..

Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software Review | B004G6IQ78 Review


“A Must Have If You Embroider More Than Monograms! ”

I wanted to post a favorable comment about this system along with the negative ones so that it may help somebody else. Although this program has a small learning curve, I am loving it! The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because the manual is quite lacking in education however , all that I want to do is call Jeanette at Tacony and she has always been more than pleased to answer all of my questions! The guide basically just tells you what each icon is right for but not precisely how to utilize the program. I invited Jeanette to perform a YouTube video to help those who are having difficulty. I just play with it until I figure out something and if I cant, I call her!! She is quite knowledgable concerning this program!I ordered the program to get the CD should anything go wrong using an electronic buy. I took the guide to FedEx and had it printed and bound just for reference. If I must call Jeanette about something, I write in the manual on that particular page for future reference. I suggest it!

Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software Review | B004G6IQ78 Review