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Keep in touch with friends, relatives. Complete with Reminders & task manager, automated e-mail and SMS.

Contact Plus is a complete e-messaging solution designed for busy professionals. With Contacts Plus you can keep in touch with all your contacts and their family members/associates. You can classify your contacts into groups and types. You can send personalized messages (SMS/email) to selected contact or a group/sub-group.

The software automatically reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries, reminders, tasks scheduled and overdue. It can also send instant SMS/email as well as scheduled SMS to your contacts.



Contacts database keeps track of all all contacts, their family members and associates.


Group SMS/email with mail-merge facility.


Birthdays/Anniversary reminder with automated SMS/emails.


Self reminders with scheduled SMS.


Task Manager with Category, Classification and Status.


Label, Address Book, Telephone Book printing.


View/Print reminders and task with status.


Import/Export to MS Excel


Contact’s module

This module maintains record of contact details like Name, Birth Date, Marital Status, Anniversary, Address, Office/Residence/Mobile numbers, email ID and photograph. You can also maintain details their family members and associates with birth-dates, anniversary, mobile number and email id.


You can view print Labels, Address Book and Telephone Book. You can also import / export data to MS Excel.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Automatically shows you birthdays and anniversaries at startup. You can view birthdays and anniversaries for the week or month and you can also send them automated messages.



Set up reminders for renewal of insurance policy, driving license, passport, premium payments, important meetings or any other thing you want to be reminded about. You can send a scheduled SMS to yourself, which automatically reminds you at the scheduled time, irrespective of your computer being on or off at that time.


Task Manager:

Create a simple to-do list, follow-up list or a complete task manager to monitor Category wise tasks with sub-classification and status monitoring. You can also use this module for sales management by categorizing prospective clients as Hot/Warm/Cold and monitoring their follow-up with date/time and status.


You can view/print tasks for a day, week, month or year by status, category and classification. You can also send customized email or SMS with templates to any individual or group.


Messaging module:

This module keeps track of all messages sent by you. View all or specific messages sent during any specific period.


Masters and Controls:

You can define any number of groups, types, categories, classifications, and message templates. Certain controls are predefined but you can add or change them as required. The controls can be changed on-the-fly from the data-entry screens.



§       M.R.P. : Rs.7,500/- only per PC.

§       Special Offer: Buy now and get 30% off (Effective price Rs.5,250/- only)

§       Licensed to run only on one computer

§       Dealership enquiries solicited


After sales support:

§         As a licensed user, you will get free technical support through e-mail and our web-site for a period of one year.

§         After one year we offer support at Rs.350/- per call.

§         Future versions, upgrades and additional modules are provided at discounted price

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