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In today's dynamic and turbulent business environment, there is a strong need for the organizations to become globally competitive. The survival guide to competitiveness is to be closer to the customer and deliver value added product and services in the shortest possible time. This, in turn, demands integration of business processes of an enterprise. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HIS (Housing Industry Software) is such a strategic tool, which helps the company to gain competitive edge by integrating all business processes and optimizing the resources available.


This page throws light on how HIS evolved, what makes up an ERP system and what it has to offer to the Housing industry, specially for Builders & Land Developers. This page includes the role of various enabling technologies, which led to the development of such a huge system.


In today's fiercely competitive business environment, there has to be much greater interaction between the customers and You. In order to achieve this improved delivery performance, decreased lead times within the enterprise and improved efficiency and effectiveness, Company needs to have efficient planning and control systems that enable very good synchronization and planning in all the processes of the organization.


Today, however, the challenge is intense and requires a strong integration across the value chain. Enterprise Resource Planning is such a strategic tool, which equips the enterprise with the necessary capabilities to integrate and synchronize the isolated functions into streamlined business processes in order to gain a competitive edge in the turbulent business environment.




Flexible :  HIS is flexible to respond to the changing needs of an enterprise. The client server technology enables HIS to run across various database back ends through Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC).


Modular & Open :  HIS has an open system architecture. This means that any module can be interfaced or detached whenever required without affecting the other modules. It supports some third party add-ons also.


Comprehensive : It supports  variety of organizational functions.


Beyond The Company :  It is confined to the organizational boundaries, rather support the on-line connectivity to the other business entities of the organization.


Best Business Practices :  It has a collection of the best business processes applicable world-wide.


Simulation of Reality : Last but not the least, it simulates the reality of business processes on the computers. In no way it has the control beyond the business processes and is able to assign accountabilities to the users controlling the system.

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