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Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet Review

Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet Review


Model: H610 Pro



    • Large Drawing Surface 10-by-6.25 inches, never feel restricted by space again
    • With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity applied, the lines transition from thin to thick will be fluid and precisely under your control
    • 8 customizable express keys and 16 hotkeys along the top for shortcuts, can be mapped to your own preference; Can be used for both left and right handed users
    • Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X 10.8.0/later versions, on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Autodesk Sketchbook, Manga Studio, Clip Studio, Zbrush and more
    • One year warranty. Comes with a rechargeable pen P80.



H610 Pro Reviews

“Simply Wonderful! ”

Do you like to DRAW? Can you, in actuality, consider yourself a system whose sole aim of existence is to produce artwork? Does the mere thought of the purchase price of WACOM tablets turn the urine in your bladder to a solid block of ice?FRIEND. I HAVE SUCH NEWS FOR YOU.HUION, manufacturers of FINE WACOM ALTERNATIVES has JUST THE TABLET FOR YOU. It’s called the HUION H610 PRO also it has SUCH SIGHTS TO SHOW YOU.Do you desire an active drawing area of 10 x 6.25? Can you yearn for 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity?Do you NEED 5080 lines per inch?Do you DEMAND a reply rate of 233 resolutions per second?If therefore, I SAY UNTO YE:HUION HAS HEARD YOUR WHISPERED PRAYERS AND HAS ANSWERED THEM MOST RESOUNDINGLY.Ahem. Look, simply compare prices and stats. To acquire a comparable WACOM product, you would be spending 389 dollars. AND YOU WOULDNT GET THE 16 ASSIGNABLE HOTCELLS who HUION ships with! That? Free Transform and Tone/Color Adjust by simply tapping a numbered hotcell? GOOD HEAVENS, YOU CRY! Pinch me, for this is definitely some wonderful dream, you bellow!The Huion could be had for 79 bucks american. The quality is exceptional, the pen rechargeable (using a super long life) and the mat itself feels like drawing on the finest of paper.The only advantage WACOM offers within the HUION is the fact that their drivers are rather idiot-proof. HUION on the other hand, needs a certain degree of proficiency when installing drivers, or you will get conflicts and the apparatus will be unresponsive. For those who know how to disable anything in control panel and then install drivers BEFORE plugging in their apparatus, this tiny quibble becomes a non-issue. SO! In the event that you were considering purchasing the mid sized Wacom Intuos 5, smack that idea out of your mind as hard as possible, and in its own place cement the notion of instantly purchasing the HUION H610 PRO.Good day.

Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet Review | H610 Pro Review


“Dont Buy A Tablet Out Of Huion Without The Extra Warranty/Insurance From Amazon. Really! ”

Dealing with Huion is going to be an wonderful hassle if your tablet fails. Buy it from AMAZON directly and cover the $6.53 for the excess warranty. Let Amazon deal with the guarantee problems. I purchased a Huion610Pro straight from Huion from Amazon Marketplace on December 25, 2013. It came fast from China on Jan2,2014. It set up quickly and easily available on my brand new Windows 7 program. It functioned easily and flawlessly with Coreldraw X6 and Painter X3 for 3 months after which it expired on Jan25th! I used it one evening – shut down my system- another morning NO Tablet. Nothing. No reply at all. No mild on the tablet, no response from Windows and the Huion motorist said Tablet Disconnect. I worked on the unit for many hours. Re-installed the drivers and tried the tablet on another computer. I am a seasoned computer Engineer with 25 decades of expertise. No Luck I emailed Huion and got an email back that the factory would be closed between January 25th and February 10th for its spring festival (AKA Chinese New Year), but the sender would try to help me. I wasnt thrilled by the delay, but I was very pleased I got a reply. During the upcoming few months I exchanged emails on this particular customer service man each time telling her which the device was dead. I was sent a new driver which did not resurrect the dead pill. Finally, I got an email that Huion was straight back to work and I reiterated that the unit was dead. (I tried it on two additional computers Win 7 and 8.1 notebooks without success.) They stated they would now demand a VIDEO or Skype of my computer and the DEAD tablet or Huion would not process the RMA!! . Ok Im a techie, but I dont video or Skype. So I will send them a phone video of the DEAD tablet. In fact, after all these weeks Im writing off any hope that I will get my pill replaced. It is going to probably cost me more in shipping than the @# $%^@ matter is worth!So that the most important thing is that; Should you buy a Huion tablet cover yourself with the excess warranty from Amazon or be ready for a lot of grief!So Five Stars for fourteen days. Negative five stars right now.UPDATE: It is currently February 25th. I sent Huion the picture. They shipped me ANOTHER driver! I cant seem to make them understand that the device worked with the old, first driver then died! There is no response from any USB port on any computer I try it on. I am starting to type in CAPS. Latest update: They will replace my 610 pro for ~$20 (via Paypal)for transport from China. My $79 tablet is currently $99. Oh well. After the tablet worked it worked really well.Update: Feb. 28th The new tablet is on its way. I would like to create a really good comment. No matter how frustrating the process was ; Huion customer service stuck with me, tried to make it work, and eventually came through. Theres a great deal to be said to the customer representatives efforts. I will make another review of the new tablet once it arrives. FINAL Update: MARCH 5 – New 610Pro arrived from China. Plugged it in and it instantly worked perfectly. Obviously more fulfilled now..just defeated how long it took to solve the matter. (and 4 versions of motorists) Would still purchase the protection plan for a great deal of reasons/lessons I have learned. I generally dont purchase these programs without a great deal of research. EDIT: Its currently Sept 2015. The replacement pill is still working good. Ive had several men and women ask that I upgrade my Star review. Ive moved it up from 1 to 4. Im still concerned about the fragile mini USB connector, but for this price this tablet has held up well, and so are pleased with its functionality on my souped up (Now Windows 10) PC. EDIT: Nov. 2015 – Recommended the 610Pro to a nearby school district in September. They purchased 20 which are working (all of 20) even after a hundred middle school student have played them!

Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet Review | H610 Pro Review