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Katamari Forever – Playstation 3 Review

Katamari Forever – Playstation 3 Review


Model: 722674110242



    • Help the Prince and his cousins restore the Cosmos to rights after the disastrous creation of the RoboKing
    • Use the new Prince Hop action to jump your Katamari with the SIXAXIS controller (not included)
    • See the Katamari world come to life in a new way with visual effects, including wood, comic, classic and new default graphic filters
    • Select any of more than 50 cousins you can equip with a variety of accessories
    • Take advantage of a new gameplay system in which the Katamari will suck in nearby objects under certain conditions



722674110242 Reviews

“Great Lord, I really like This Game”

Good lord, I love this game. I’d played with Katamari Damacy after before when a friend let me borrow it, and honestly I didnt really like it. I think part of this issue was that the levels werent diverse enough. Katamari Forever is a wonderful grab bag of different degrees, and as I understand it, is a mashup of levels from past Katamari Games.The game made me a bit motion sick occasionally, but that did not dissuade me from enjoying as often as possible before Id beaten it. Now Im going back and trying to get Eternal mode on all possible levels. Katamari Forever has tremendous replay value in my opinion, and the soundtrack is really catchy you will surely find yourself humming the music even when youre playing. Good purchase, I highly recommend giving it a go.

Katamari Forever – Playstation 3 Review | 722674110242 Review


“I Got This As A Gift For A person, But Own It…”

I love love love this movie game. Im so happy they made this for PS3. This was the reason I got the console in the first location. Im not much of a gamer, even though I had been part of this very first video game generation. When Nintendo came around, I sort of grew from these until I got into college. Anyway, this game is for people like me. The audio is awesome. The story is bizarre. The graphics are brilliant. And its one of the hardest things I’ve ever seen. It may be dull to some, but I really like the concept of the game. Simply rolling around and picking up things. . .no one dies. . .you lose when you run out of time and its no big thing, you merely get scolded for doing a bad job.I know it’ll never happen, but this game was created for your Wii. . .or at least Sony should find out some update that will give it some functionality with the Move. I believe they are missing the boat here.

Katamari Forever – Playstation 3 Review | 722674110242 Review



Considering this game is a set of all the past games in the show, at least those on major consoles, I gave this game a 4 out of 5 since I have never owned a Katamari game before. Ive played them but never possessed. Therefore, this game is perfect for new fans to the genre/franchise as they are not familiar with all of the amounts, songs, etc.However, die hard fans may want to own this just to finish the collection. I’ve a sense that they’ll just think of it as the same old concept as they know and they will likely feel like theyve played this game countless occasions from the past.If youre looking at this game for a present for someone then you should make sure to ask them when theyve ever possessed one of those games prior to buying. Based on their answer, then you’re able to make a more intelligent decision.From the perspective of not having any knowledge about the franchise, this game is plenty of fun as the previous ones have been. There continue to be camera angle and control issues that shouldve been tweaked but that doesnt interfere with the experience completely. Its pleasurable. It has a great deal of replay value. Its hard without being overly frustrating. Its a ideal laidback game that does not require hours of devotion but it does become rewarding the more you perform. Its fast pace is ideal for party style play although its not multiplayer. Taking turns is very fast and simple to manage.Its a good match for both adults and kids alike.

Katamari Forever – Playstation 3 Review | 722674110242 Review