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Mario Kart Wii Review

Mario Kart Wii Review





    • Perform speed-boosting flips and wheelies with the flick of a Wii Remote, or grab a Wii Wheel for even more fast-paced fun!
    • Play friends locally on a single Wii
    • 2008 software – racing wheel not included




“Favorite Wii Game For The Children.. .And Adults! ”

Let me start off by stating that I have been a huge fan of Mario Kart because the Super Mario Kart game came out for the Super Nintendo. When this game came out on the Wii with steering wheels, I knew that could be a game changer. Here is the 2nd copy of the game that weve purchased because we play with it much!It is the best game for children and grownups alike. When the kids are playingwith, they have a fantastic time, but we also have had nights with only grownup friends along with the game gets much more interesting (and unnaturally aggressive!) . We can play with this for hours and have a fantastic time! I really like that the sport is good to get up to 4 players because nobody needs to sit out or take turns since there’s enough fun to go around!I am anticipating many more Mario Kart game nights with my friends and family!

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“Another Mario Kart, If You Enjoy The Series, Get It! ”

My favourite is still Mario Kart 64, but this one may be in second place.I feel as though they concentrated too much on creating the game new and exciting rather than balanced and fun but they did quite good at throwing everything together. It’s tons of monitors, vehicles, characters, and is possibly the most re-playable version of the series since there is so much stuff to unlock. I unlocked everything in the game using a stock style and vehicle so the unlocked stuff isnt overpowering like in past games. The unlock-able personalities and carts look well placed and often assist you with your playing style. For example you unlock the quick characters while attempting to do some time trials or you get the agile carts from gold onto the harder tracks.This game adds bicycles, which I believe adds nice diversity and feels well balanced. The karts have a tendency to be faster with better mini boosts from jumps and corners. The bicycles can pop wheelies to acquire a miniature boost on the right stretches but are more vulnerable to being thrown off balance. My wife likes playing with karts and I like bicycles, and I believe she usually wins.Another attribute to improve re-playability is the guide drift. All Mario Kart games had a power-slide around corners. In this one they give the selection of this drift being automatic or not. If you put it you dont receive mini-boosts around corners. If you set it to manual you must time when the slide starts but it’s a lot more difficult than past games. It gives experienced players something additional to work on but doesnt seem unfair when somebody could roam manually well.I consistently utilize the nun-chuck. I cant stand using the wheel. I havent seen a game which gets the remote tilt steering yet. Maybe Im just used to buttons later growing up with them.The something that I hate about this game: the AI cheats with both hands.When you get into the harder levels in the Grand Prix it will be entirely normal to be hit with two or three items in a row. For instance say youre a couple of seconds beforehand, they’ll hit you using a pow, red shell, and a lightning bolt in a row to keep you stopped for several seconds. The suspicious part is the way did the AI time shooting the red shell so that it would catch up only after you have struck with all the pow?The AI will also strike you in the worst times. Right after you go over jumps, or boosts, or shortly after you receive a power-up, or before you move around a corner with no railing, or just as you reach the bottom of a hill. Now some may call it coincidence but I played for two hours counted to make sure. Every time that I was in 1st and struck something that had been at one of the five times.The other thing that is suspicious is in case the AI slows you down they have saved power-ups for you so the horde will hit you three or three times to guarantee you get clear back into 8th place or so.Personally, Im sick of cheating AIs and believe there is not any reason game makers should be short-cutting on this a critical part of their match, but its been standard among games anymore.So bottom line, like I said above, if youve enjoyed the Mario Kart series, get this one!

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