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MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone Review

MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone Review


Model: MXLAC404



    • Outstanding sound quality even in noisy environments
    • Turn any location into a conference room
    • Built-in headphone/speaker monitoring jack
    • Reccomended for Zoom web conferencing software
    • Delivers outstanding sound quality even in noisy environments 
    • Includes 6 foot USB cable, headphone/speaker jack.



MXLAC404 Reviews

“A Good Boundary Mic For Your Cost”

Overall this is a fantastic quality mic for the price. I compared it to the similar Soundtech CM-1000, and there are pros and cons for each. Both’d better sound than my Jabra Speak 410/510 USB speaker/mic, although neither has speaker or speaker functions. I would also check out the Samson GoMic, which (though not a boundary mic) is good sounding, very flexible, and less expensive.The MXL isnt really omnidirectional; possibly this is a role of the 3 capsule layout? (pic attached). Whatever the case, mine functions as a cardioid pattern mic (the slanted bit is the entrance), and I obtained good results orienting the microphone this way. 90 degrees off axis was several dB down and seemed more distant, and 180 was worse. The SoundTech CM-1000 was omni, and though it had some dB more sound and didnt sound as good as the MXL on axis, it had been much better off axis. Thus, in a space with just a couple of people or to get more remote pickup the MXL wins, but for a small round conference table that the SoundTech does.The SoundTech allows you to daisy chain additional mics for superior pickup for larger rooms or tables; the MXL doesn’t. However, including a 2nd mic increased room sound by 6dB. Although it definitely gave additional uniform pickup, in my room (noisy as a result of old A/C system) the background noise made this installment unusable. In quieter rooms this may be a fantastic solution, but Id confirm that it works on your area before committing to it.

MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone Review | MXLAC404 Review


“Nice Mic! ”

So far Ive been quite pleased with this mic. Its been difficult to find a PC mic that’s somewhere between dirt cheap and way too costly, but this device is reasonably priced considering its performance.My previous mic was a $9 desktop model that had very bad performance. I needed to amp the quantity so much, it might not have sounded good on the opposite end of ventrilo. I believed a logitech product, but after reading reviews I decided it was probably only a more expensive version of the $9 mic I had. Regrettably most PC mics appeared to vary from $2 to $20 and the grade is as low as the price.This mic has a wider frequency range compared to all the inexpensive PC mics, comparable to the range of a $300+ mic, but without the expense.Pros:This microphone is optional well, it won’t slide around under the weight of the cable.Looks nice, metal black mesh using a red led light hidden inside to let you know its about (doesnt indicate standing whatsoever)Picks up noise readily, my recording level is at 20 percent and folks have no difficulty hearing me or the fish tank 6 feet supporting me.Includes a cleaning cloth and leather-style carrying case, although somewhat unnecessary its fine to be offered some extras when you purchase something.Wide frequency range just like $300+ mics.Plug and play, no software included or required.Powered through the USB interface, no external power source required.Other Remarks:Specs country, Outstanding sound quality in noisy environments, and this is correct, however this doesn’t mean this will cancel out background noise. Whatever is happening in the room is going to be picked up from the mic. I have a PC filled with lovers, a fish tank, a table fan, and PC speakers, all of which can be broadcast to people when Im speaking. This isnt what I’d think about a con, however, as I have yet to find a mic capable of picking up voice nicely while removing background noises without it being right up on your face.No where online does there exist an image of the mic with the red light illuminated. Its under the wire mesh and foam, approximately in the center, even though it’s somewhat to the right of centre. If its there for aesthetics, its flawed in that its not horizontally centered. Its not there to signify that youre broadcasting or recording. All it does is let you know that the mic has power via the USB cable. If youre into black upholstery with red lighting, then youll be happy.

MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone Review | MXLAC404 Review