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Office Mac Home and Business 2011 – (1 User/2 Installs) Review

Office Mac Home and Business 2011 – (1 User/2 Installs) Review


Model: W9F-00014



    • Office for Mac 2011 includes Mac versions of Word 2011, Excel 2011, PowerPoint 2011, and Outlook 2011;
    • The most familiar and trusted productivity applications used around the world at home, school, and business.
    • Reliable compatibility with the over 1 billion Macs and PCs running Office worldwide ensures you have the right tools to create, share,
    • And collaborate with virtually anyone, anywhere, with no worries.
    • Outlook for Mac 2011: Outlook 2011 lets you see your calendar from within your e-mail,
    • Office Web App support:
    • And Remote Desktop for Mac 2 so you can drive your Windows-based PC from your Mac.



W9F-00014 Reviews

“Actually Works Well”

Early reviews with that were dreadful – lots of lockups and worse. But the present releases are powerful and secure and worth the cost. The Excel has improved considerably in equilibrium, and also the things you truly need if you are a hard core user – pivot tables, data filters, all function well. Just keep in mind that Excel does have one enormous hole – VLOOKUP and similar matching functions dont differentiate betwen upper and lower case letters. So if you export documents from Salesforce and after that do a VLOOKUP on the ID area, youll match records from several accounts when you just were looking for one. Theres a work round with EXACT, therefore just beware.Overall, works as advertised and the Outlook that is provided is the real thing – folders, multiple accounts, includes a database that you can reorg after huge alterations. (Utilize tools on the Mac such as Eagle Filer or even OEAX to export and archive files). Just recall that youll learn something new in handling your User Identity and using the Microsoft Database Utility on a regular basis to tidy up your database and emails. Id give this another star if only this package actually utilized the Mac Address Book. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, which creates issues. It also doesnt cloud sync to a stuff that is icloud. Just saying…

Office Mac Home and Business 2011 – (1 User/2 Installs) Review | W9F-00014 Review


“Excellent Update For Macbook With Retina”

When I purchased Office 2011, Microsoft hadn’t yet created a version that looked good on the MacBook pro with Retina.The pixelation wasnt excruciating, but it wasnt pleasant.Now, Microsoft has released an update to ensure it is compatible with all the Retina display, and its so much better.After installing, only use the Microsoft update attribute (if it doesnt launch mechanically) to download and install the upgrade to make it seem much better on the Retina.After upgrading, I noticed there wasn’t any change to how Office appeared on screen – still pixelated about the Retina.I watched there were only a couple of different solutions suggested from users throughout the web. Copying and pasting the program file, then deleting the old worked to get a few. Others used the signature command which updates the document date. It looks like the older version has been cached and it had a fast refresh. After running the signature command, it worked great (you know, to get a Microsoft product).

Office Mac Home and Business 2011 – (1 User/2 Installs) Review | W9F-00014 Review


“Office Mac Home And Business 2011”

I changed from a Microsoft Windows-based personal computer to a Mac since I was tired of those glitchy ports between apps of varying compatibility. I then had to decide what to do about word-processing; I do a good deal of this. I tried one of those freeware programs I found the absence of several of the well-structured and easily accessible Word 2007 shortcuts time-consuming and annoying. I love to arrange information. After researching reviews on line for the best word-processing software, I opted to keep with Word. Word appeared to continue to supply the ideal equilibrium for creation of specialized reports and presentation of information to my health-oriented readers. This time, Word for Mac OS. I chose an earlier version than the present one: I wasn’t interested in the latest product, which didn’t get markedly favorable reviews in the Improvements Department, also had the additional disadvantage of being one-pc, one permit, with yearly renewal costs. (Bill Gates could be labeled a philanthropist, but it seems to be requiring a lot more of our consumer money to keep his place!) Overall, Im happy with the product. Ive been able to convert my tables and reports, some of them fairly intricate. The learning curve hasnt been horrendous for fundamental operations. The software is reliable, and doesnt–normally–thing once I make alterations to the Microsoft – favored way of doing things. In fact, I give this product about a 3.8 score. Being Microsoft, its preferred method of doing things frequently irritates my easier, more flexible approaches. For example, page headers and page numberings are somewhat more challenging to modify, and, in fact, I havent figured out yet how to get exactly what I need, which is a lack of fancily-structured headings using a cumbersome access. This variant has jettisoned the Word 7-easy access to formatting modifications via a window that popped up wherever I wanted it so that I didnt need to generate a mouse-sweep all of the way to top left hand corner for quick modifications. Still, the software often appears to follow my lead. Its reliable, compatible, and so a keeper.

Office Mac Home and Business 2011 – (1 User/2 Installs) Review | W9F-00014 Review