Wednesday , September 19th 2018
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Power PDF Advanced 2.0 Review

Power PDF Advanced 2.0 Review


Model: AV09A-K00-2.0



    • Create and assemble PDF’s easily from any application
    • Accurately convert PDFs into editable Microsoft Office Documents
    • Enhance document security with powerful encryption, digital signatures and rights management
    • Works with any PDF forms and allows touch up and editing the PDF Content
    • Increase productivity with automated workflows and work with PDFs on touch-enabled portable Windows 10 devices



AV09A-K00-2.0 Reviews

“Very Good.. .Very Great”

Near 5 stars, but not there yet. I heard about Power PDF on radio for a couple of decades, but hesitated to purchase. I then saw reviews on Amazon about just getting a disc with no box and having difficulty installing, and hesitated again. Finally, ordered. Yes, I received a disc without a box. Im not a computer geek, but I understand enough to put a disc in the disk drive and wait for a setup dialogue box to come up. Thats what occurred. I followed the steps, and the applications installed with no problems on my center i5 7th creation (kaby lake) laptop with 12 gb ram. I found the module recorded on the start menu and it booted right up when I clicked it. I began to learn more about the task bar – quite straightforward, with a search box which makes discovering tools easy. Also provides a help button with options for local or internet based information. Within minutes I managed to open a non-searchable pdf, convert it to word, convert it back to pdf, and also make that pdf searchable. Figuring out redaction took a little more, but not much. So, why not 5 stars? To begin with, it’d be very helpful to have a manual which may be printed out for us older people and for people who simply prefer to sit around and study the way the software module works. I would also prefer to have the ability to highlight text without having the comment feature connected to the highlighting. These are picky things that others might not find a problem. Considering that I paid at the $115 range with this particular software instead of $499 or something similar for your professional acrobat, I am happy.

Power PDF Advanced 2.0 Review | AV09A-K00-2.0 Review


“Setup Difficulties At First”

I utilize a Windows 10 Guru Dell Inspiron Core I-5 desktop computer with 12 GB ram and 2 500 GB Samsung SD drives, one for programs and another for data. I run 4 screens using the on board monitor connections and 2 USB 3.0 connections. When everything is working, its good. Ive used Nuance products for any variety of years. I recently purchased Power PDF Advanced after PDF Converter Professional 8 grew intolerably slow and crashed a lot. I removed the old software and then failed 3 times to install the new software. Every time the new software appeared to set up all of the files and then froze. I phoned tech support and much to my pleasant surprise, obtained through quickly. Maybe that had something to do with it being the day after Thanksgiving. Better yet, the product installed properly, without a problem. I wonder whether the installation problem didnt arise from deleting the preceding software from the computer prior to installing the new item. The time I was successful was once the old version was around the pc. I selected keeping both new and old versions when I did the previous installation. I havent used the new version much yet, but I like the Bates numbering attribute and it runs much quicker than the prior software. I was also able to buy it on Amazon for $63.00 on a CD-Rom. I was told that free service ends after 3 months from purchase.

Power PDF Advanced 2.0 Review | AV09A-K00-2.0 Review