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The ULTIMATE software for

Back-office automation of Institutes

with eMessaging (SMS & eMails)


EDIFY is a complete e-messaging and back-office automation software, designed for coaching classes. With EDIFY you can keep track of enquiries, student’s records, student’s attendance, test schedules, marks scored, fee details, faculty and staff members, staff attendance, lectures, time-table,  expenses, branch-wise / course-wise P&L, Balance Sheet. You can also send automated e-mails and SMSs' for absenteeism, test-schedules, marks scored, teachers' remarks and fees due. It is also capable of sending customized messages with mail-merge facility. Advanced security features let you enable or disable specific features for each user. For sending SMS, you can use any of the following:

§         Mobile Phone connected to your computer with data cable.

§         GSM or CDMA modem

§         Internet connection (also required for sending e-mails)



Complete messaging system (Supports eMails / SMS using Internet, Modem, Mobile)


Enquiry database with statistics and graphs


Student database with complete personal details and photographs


Teaches database for faculty and other staff


Contacts database for friends and relatives


Attendance module to mark daily / lecture-wise attendance


Swipe Card module for automated attendance with Swipe Card, RFID Card or Finger Prints Scanner


Lectures module for teachers attendance and topic wise time taken analysis


Time-table module (Automatically create lectures)


Schedule Exams/Tests and inform parents/students in advance through messages.


Track individual marks scored in exams/tests and send automated messages


Track outstanding fees and send automated reminders


Monitor disciplinary progress with teachers' remarks and send appropriate messages


Track all messages sent from system.


Send customized messages to students/parents with mail-merge facility.


Enquiry module

Keep track of all enquiries received with details like Branch, Course/Std., Batch/Div., Roll No., Birth Date, Address. You can categorize enquiries as Hot/Wam/Cold, track enquiries by admission taken/not taken, counselor, media (source) etc. Analyze enquiries/conversions by factors like References/Hoardings/ Banners/Handbills/Advertisements etc. with percentages and graphs. Supports sending automated SMS / eMails to selected enquiries.


Student’s module

Student’s module maintains record of student details like Branch, Course/Std., Batch/Div., Roll No., Birth Date, Address and photograph. It provides for separate e-mail and mobile Nos. for student, Father and Mother (i.e. upto 3 e-mails, 3 mobile and 3 land line numbers). You can send group SMS / emails to students or parents.


This module is the control center as it allows you to view student-wise details of the following:

§  Attendance and absenteeism for the year with month-wise break-up

§  Performance in tests and exams

§  Fees charged, installment amounts and fees due

§  Remarks given by teachers

§  Messages sent to any student

Birthday's module

This module is a part of the student's and Contacts module. It automatically picks-up birthdays from both modules and shows them at start-up. You can automatically send birth-day greetings to students and contacts. It also allows you to view birth-days on weekly or monthly basis.


Attendance module

Attendance module keeps track of daily/monthly attendance. With the extremely advanced user interface of EDIFY, you simply need to click on the students who are absent. The interface also provides for marking holidays/No Lectures. Once the attendance is recorded, simply click on the [Send Message] button to generate personalized messages (SMS / e-Mails) for parents / guardians of students who were absent.


You can view/print daily attendance, list of absentees, monthly attendance and export data to MS Excel for further processing.


Exams / Tests module:

With this module you can create any number of Tests. You need to specify the date, course/standard, batch/division, subject, topic and maximum marks for each test. You can then send personalized e-mail and SMS to all students in a batch or to their parents. You can also print test schedules for specified period.


You can also schedule Exams (Prelims) consisting of multiple tests and generate a single report card for the exams.


The Marks module comes along with exams/tests module where you can enter the marks scored by each student in any exam / test. You can then send personalized e-mail and SMS to students or parents of these students. You can view / print report card for tests conducted in a specified period, marks scored by students in specific tests etc.


The Marks module enables you to analyze the performance of each students with overall percentages, bar charts etc.


Fees module:

Fee module lets you keep track of fees charged to each student. It provides for installments and the advanced interface makes entering data very easy. You can track total number of students, the fees charged, average fee and balance amount for a branch, course/standard or batch/division. You can also send automated personalized e-mail and SMS to parents whose fees are overdue.


You can create fee-master wherein you define the standard fee charged for each standard/course with installment details. This enables you to generate installment details without any data-entry.


You can print fee receipts, fee register, summary, outstanding summary, overdue summary, collection for any period, cheques received and PDCs in hand.


Remarks module:

Remarks module helps you monitor the disciplinary progress of students. You can create standard remarks for homework not done, assignment not completed, late for class, books not brought, inattentiveness, disturbing the class, misbehaving, using foul language or quarrelling in class.  You can also generate remarks for several students at once. EDIFY can send personalized e-mails and SMS to parents of students who have been given these remarks. You can also view/print list of students who have been given remarks or student-wise remarks given.


Teachers/Faculty module

This module maintains record of teaching and non-teaching staff along with their address, e-mail id, mobile number, birth-date, photograph etc. You can send e-mails and SMS to them.


You can also record their salary details including fixed salary, hourly/lecture-wise payments and profit sharing. If used along with lectures module, you can generate lecture-wise payments due to teachers/ 


Time-Table module

You can record and print course-wise and teacher-wise time-table using this module. You can also create entries in lectures module from data entered in the time-table module and then make the required changes.


Lectures module

Lectures module keeps track of lectures taken by each faculty with date, time, course, batch, subject and topic. You can also analyze time taken for each topic for any course/batch. This module is also used for recording lecture-wise attendance of students and teachers instead of daily attendance.


Combined with teachers module, you can calculate lecture-wise / hour-wise payments due to each teacher/faculty.


Contacts module

Contacts module maintains record of friends and relatives along with their address, e-mail id, mobile number, birth-date, photograph etc. You can send e-mails and SMS to them..


Financial Accounts:

Accounting module comprises of Receipt & Expense register  and Journal Entries (JVs). You can create various Account Heads, Schedule Heads, define profit ratios, opening balance etc. Software automatically generates Cash/Bank books, Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheet etc. You can analyze profits and outstanding fees by course or branch and look at  voucher details of any expense/asset/liability. Other advanced features include bank reconciliation and expense classification.


Auto Responder:

Enables parents to send SMS to a pre-defined number and the system automatically replies back with details without any manual intervention. Eg. a user sends a SMS "MARKS" to a predefined number and he immediately gets a reply giving marks scored in last 4 tests.


Parents Login:

This module allows parents to check students data using internet. Presently parents can see the notice board, attendance data, test schedules, marks scored and any disciplinary remarks given.


Multi-User (LAN):

This module allows you can use EDIFY on any number of computers connected to one main computer (LAN) where the data is stored.


Multi-Location (WAN / Web)

This module allows you store the data on a web sever and users to access the centralized data from any location using internet connection. Very useful for multiple branches, where the data is entered at branch level and HO can see the overall position. Administrator can assign specific rights to users, including right to see only branch level data or overall position.


Masters and Controls:

With EDIFY, you can define any number of branches, courses / standards, batches / divisions, subjects, designations and message templates. Certain controls are predefined but you can add or change them as required. The controls can be changed directly using the menu system or on-the-fly from the data-entry screens.


Security features:

EDIFY has very advanced security control where you can enable or disable specific features for each user. The passwords are protected using latest encryption techniques and your data is completely safe.



With EDIFY, you can selectively purchase the modules which are useful for your business.


Sr. Module Price
1 Enquiries with e-Messaging and Graphs 6,000
2 Student's Records with Group e-Messaging (SMS / e-Mails) 6,000
3 Attendance with e-Messaging for Absenteeism 6,000
4 Swipe Card Plug-in (Swipe Cards/RFID Cards/Finger Print Reader) 5,000
5 Exams, Tests & Marks Module with e-Messaging  6,000
6 Omr Plugin  11,000
7 Fees & Installments with Fee Reminders 4,000
8 Teacher's Remarks with e-Messaging 4,000
9 Faculty & Staff module with payment details 4,000
10 Staff attendance + Payroll 5,000
11 Lectures module with lecture-wise attendance + topic-wise analysis 4,000
12 Time-Table module with auto lecture creation 3,000
13 Contacts (Vendors / Friends / Relatives) with e-Messaging 3,000
14 Financial Accounting with Expenses, JVs, P&L, Balance Sheet 6,000
15 Parents Login 7,000
16 Auto Responder 7,000
17 SQL License fee (per annum) for Auto Responder / Parents Login 1,000
18 Multi-User (LAN) module 5,000
19 Multi-Location (WAN / Web) module
(Cost of web-space not included)


After sales support:

§         As a licensed user, you will get free technical support through e-mail and our web-site for a period of one year.

§         After one year we offer annual support at 15% of the cost or Rs.350/- per call.

§         You can download free upgrades during support period and AMC period.

§         EDIFY can be used for any number of branches but on a single computer system..

§         License to use EDIFY on separate computer for branches or group companies is given at 50% of the normal cost.

§         Future versions, upgrades and additional modules are provided at discounted price

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