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Conduct snap tests and give instantaneous results with INSTA-TESTS.

Key Features

bulletConduct computer-based tests at any time for selected chapters or entire portion.
bulletGives you a quantum leap over competitors
bulletEach student sits on a separate computer (terminal) and logs in using his unique log-in name and password
bulletComputers can be low-configuration PCs, dot-stations, dumb-terminals or thin-clients, connected to a main computer (server) on a Local Area Network (LAN). (We can help you set-up a computer LAB with with 25 PCs, Server and LAN for as little as Rs.1 lacs).
bulletTeacher / Supervisor monitors the students from the main computer
bulletStudents can Practice Question-Answers repeatedly till they gain confidence
bulletMistakes along with correct answers are pointed-out immediately
bulletMistakes and correct answers are shown and recorded on completion of the test
bulletComplete student-wise database for tests taken and marks scored is automatically maintained
bulletResults are shown instantaneously. No more tedious paper checking and reporting.
bulletResults can be printed and given to students or mailed to parents
bulletModule can be linked with EDIFY to send results by email or SMS to parents


Price for INSTA-TESTS is governed by number of students who can log-in simultaneously. If you have ten batches of 25 students each (totally 2500 students), still you would require a 25 user license. You can even start with a lower license and then up-grade to a higher license, as-and-when required.

No. of Users


10 users


25 users Rs.25,000/-
50 users Rs.40,000/-
100 users Rs.60,000/-


* We have ready question bank for Std. IX and X (Maharashtra Board)

* We can undertake the job of creating question bank from the books specified by you for approx. Rs.2000/- per subject.

Warranty & Support Policy:


Free technical support through e-mail and our web-site for a period of one year.


Free upgrades for a period of one year


Carry-in-warranty for a period of one year.

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