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Preparing question papers for exams is the most responsible and strategic process.

Setting-up a question paper in traditional system requires setting-up a committee to review the question sets collected from different faculties, scrutinizing and consolidating all questions and generating three or more prototypes of question papers. This process can take weeks and increases the security risks.


Paper Setter is a highly flexible and easily adaptable question paper setting programme. With ready to use question bank and the board pattern as the default-layout, you can set-up question paper in matter of minutes. Questions papers can include equations, pictures and diagrams if required.

Key Features

bulletProvision to add/modify questions
bulletProvision to create your own question bank for different courses.
bulletProvision to categorize questions as Easy, Moderate, Difficult
bulletProvision to mark questions as Important or Very Important
bulletProvision to transfer questions from one location to another without retyping.
bulletProvision to select lessons/chapters to be included in question paper
bulletProvision to download ready question sets from our question banks
bulletProvision to import Equations / Tables / Pictures / Diagrams
bulletProvision to import data from MS Word and other applications
bulletAnswer Key for objective type / multi-choice questions.
bulletMulti-lingual support (Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati etc.)
bulletSupports MS Words Math's Equation Editor
bulletProvision to define multiple Boards/Universities, Courses/Standards, Subjects/Topics
bulletProvision to define multiple Lessons/Chapters for each Course & Subject
bulletProvision to create your own Test/Exam Patterns
bulletProvision to select/discard/change randomly generate questions
bulletProvision to store generated question paper and reuse them
bulletAdvanced security features passwords and encryption
bulletProvision to backup and restore database
bulletSaves Time, Money, Resources


    Rs.15,000/- per license.

    * We have ready question bank for Std. IX and X (Maharashtra Board)

    * We can undertake the job of creating question bank from the books specified by you for approx. Rs.2000/- per subject.

Warranty & Support Policy:


Free technical support through e-mail and our web-site for a period of one year.


Free upgrades for a period of one year


Carry-in-warranty for a period of one year.

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