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Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum Review

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum Review


Model: MSPMS13000



    • Easy and powerful video editing
    • Native 4K XAVC S file format support
    • Upload directly to Facebook
    • Touch-enabled for touch PCs
    • Help bubbles for easy guidance



MSPMS13000 Reviews

“Does What I Need It To Do. ”

Im not much of a video guy, I generally prefer still photographs. However there have been occasions recently for me to take video a little more often. Im still learning.I first had a replica of Sony Movie Studio 13 (not Platinum) and was pleased with the tool but disappointed with some of the features I thought would be there but were missing. So I upgraded to Platinum.I have managed to do each the things that I needed to do with origami, but there’s a learning curve, especially for me. A number of the phrases in this (and perhaps other) video instrument aren’t familiar to me. Ive had to use videos by other Studio 13 users to move ahead in my understanding. I havent gotten the help I needed from the Movie Studio help utility.At least now I believe I have every one the tools I want to do what I need with my videos. If there are limitations with this tool it will take me a while to find them because Im such a novice. But the fundamentals of placing titles, text, alterations, etc. that Im aware of are there.

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum Review | MSPMS13000 Review


“Still Great But A Missed Opportunity To Improve Something Which Already Was Excellent. ”

As a previous user of vegas+dvd6 operating Windows Xp I found version13 no improvement on the original, indeed there are lots of aspects which aren’t as great. For a start the free video clips and over 1000 sound effects provided with vegas6 are not provided, I was not able to utilize the clips I still had from the first version6 despite being.avi files. This was illegal and I had to convert the documents to .mpeg, Magix say they will correct this shortcoming with a patch in the future. I only hope DVD architect hasn’t yet been messed around with as well, DVD architect is on version5, vegas6 utilized DVD architect3 so A lot less useless upgrades. That is still a fantastic product however unnecessarily updated. When it aint broke dont fix it,Vegas6+DVD proved to be a terrific app I dont believe version13 has been done nearly as well, hopefully I shall punctually accommodate.

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum Review | MSPMS13000 Review


“Great Results If You Know What Youre Doing”

the majority of the reviews for this product conclude it is hard to use.I would agree somewhat with this assessment, especially for people who have never used such software before and are looking for a one-click-and-done alternative. Before buying this I was using Nero 2015 Platinum which was easy to use, but was buggy and produced horrible results. My attention was on converting video tapes to DVD along with the MainConcept MPEG engine featured with Sony Movie Studio is highly acclaimed for rendering the finest possible video output. Be aware that this is the same MPEG engine included with Sonys more expensive Vegas suite and with Adobe Premier, but in a fraction of the cost.Sony includes lots of nice features in Movie Studio (if you can find them) such as the ability to set amounts and perform color correction.Movie Studio and DVD Architect are two separate programs which are both included in the Platinum edition. DVD Architect may be tedious to use. It doesnt use a wizard and there are lots of settings and incomprehensible error/warning messages to address, however you can produce an adequate menu predicated DVD after coming up to speed.I would imply that potential buyers download and install the fully functional (unlike Adobe Premier Elements) trial version and use it for 30 days before purchasing. Then, buy the boxed DVD here in order to get the activation permits; no reinstall necessary.

Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum Review | MSPMS13000 Review