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Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 [Download] Review

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 [Download] Review


Model: SFS10099ESD



    • Record and edit music and sound
    • Produce audio with more than 30 built-in effects
    • Transfer records and tapes to digital audio
    • Clean up your sound and give it realism and sparkle
    • Apply great-sounding professional effects



SFS10099ESD Reviews

“Great Program, Installation Nightmare”

First of all, were older Sound Forge users, however when our past 32bit computer expired, we needed a more affordable replacement. Downloaded trial from the Magix site and it was an adequate replacement. Thus, we purchased it here and thats if the install nightmare began. Heres how to install this if youve been utilizing the Magix trial.1. Make an account in Sony Creative if you dont already have one.2. You ought to have an account at Magix in the trial download.3. Log in to your Sony Creative account and beyond the serial number in at the base of your documented software display. There’ll be room for your unregistered software at the end of the listing.4. This shoots you to a totally blank screen at the Magix site.5. Wait a minute or 2.6. Log in the Magix website and your new software should show up under the list for your trial software. AND as this is an old version, it will also update you to the latest version of Magix Audio Studio Studio 107. This is the version that you should download and install.Okay – now comes the tricky part:Once you install the program from Magix, you may find a looping serial number display. Getting rid of the requires editing your registry. If you’re a PC newcomer CALL MAGIX SUPPORT and then allow them to help you.If you’re fairly secure digging on your Registry follow these instructions, but first a disclaimer. I take no responsibility if you dont understand what youre doing with your Registry and end up killing, maiming, or damaging your computer. It breaks, its your responsibility. In case youre not sure, wait til the pc friend/child/acquaintance – and we all have one – comes by. Or pay someone to take action. Even I hesitate to mess with the Registry.1. Click start button.2. In the search area directly above the start button type regedit.3. You’re searching for a file folder. Just look on the left hand side of Registry.4. It’s located beneath HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEand#62;SOFTWAREand#62;Wow6432Nodeand#62; then under either Sony Creative or Sony Software, youll locate a folder for Audio Studio then your version – 10. Beneath 10, and only on the left hand side will you find the folder LICENSE.5. Double check it’s listed under Audio Studio 10 rather than under any Sony Creative program.6. Delete the folder LICENSE. (In case you dont see it under 10, youre taking a look at the incorrect side of the display. Look left.) 7. Begin your app and a brand new registration display should appear.8. Copy and paste your registration amount and youre good to go.Again, a warning. Messing with your Registry can cause your computer to fail. If you dont know what youre doing, register the program at Magix and let them walk you through it.

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 [Download] Review | SFS10099ESD Review