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TurboTax Business Fed + E-File 2012 [Old Version] Review

TurboTax Business Fed + E-File 2012 [Old Version] Review


Model: 420457



    • Provides extra step-by-step guidance to help ensure accuracy and maximize business deductions
    • Identifies industry specific deductions and simplifies asset depreciation
    • Creates W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for your employees and contractors
    • Expert help when you need it, free
    • Includes Audit alerts and Free Federal E-File



420457 Reviews

“Turbo Tax Business Vs Hr Block Business”

I have to file a Partnership LLC Yield for a rental Home.

Last year I used HandR Block Business for its return since is was cheaper compared to the Turbo Tax for Business. What a nightmare. It took me over 20 hours to locate my way and then I used the incorrect state form and had to redo the entire yield for the state and pay over $400 in late filing charges (but I stored $25 using HandR.) I just finished my 2012 Fed and State Partnership with Turbo Tax Business. What a breeze. Took about two hours and I guided me through the whole way. Not ONCE did I feel missing. I felt lost the entire time that I utilized the HandR software.Moral: Pay the $25 extra and use Turbo Tax Business. You will be ahead on worth and time.John

TurboTax Business Fed + E-File 2012 [Old Version] Review | 420457 Review


“Great solution, Beware Of Service”

Turbo Tax is obviously the gold standard in business and personal tax software. The product is quite easy to install, has the design in a very easy to comprehend manner, and makes completing your tax return a very simple process, even providing you suggestions for getting your accounts so for next year, and also how to classify expenses.Buyer beware: Intuits support is among the most abysmal creations on Earth. You will be well served to never should get hold of them. Yes, it is overseas. Yes, getting across your question can be challenging. You’ll be faced with numerous tiers of staff who don’t have any technical training, and probably are only partly familiar with this software. They will always read out of their pre-printed scripts, driving you into a blinding rage. In the long run you may never get your query answered by them.But again, its a fantastic solution, provided that you dont have to phone for support.

TurboTax Business Fed + E-File 2012 [Old Version] Review | 420457 Review


“Only The Facts”

This is my first time with TT Company for the S-Corp 3 person company. This past year we used an accountant that took too long to do our taxes, and cost a lot of money. Additionally, this is the first year I did improved payroll via Quickbooks and figured that must be 99% of the work and that I will just export my numbers into TT and be done with. I’ve used TT home and business for personal use previously, and this Business software is comparable in its own structure.Inputting basic data like corporate name/address/shareholders is pretty straight forward. Import from Quickbooks was easy also, but this is where the major problem occurred. When I got to the page to balance my novels, I detected the horror, a bunch of things from Quickbooks were labeled and using wrong tax outlines (I accidentally had an automatic rule that marked many of my earnings as employee taxes). After the import, I discovered that I could no longer open Quickbooks because TT was utilizing the file. Obviously, a simple reboot, corrections in Quickbooks, delete another attempt, and all of imports! I wish I could say I did it all correct on the next round, but nope, I needed to repeat the procedure above a few times.The only real issue I’d after adjusting Quickbooks was a rounding error of 1 $. This was not my fault, my CPA was away with a $1 in rounding the year before, but Quickbooks was dead and the TT software maintained trying to have me fix the matter. After a few iterations and figuring out how this occurred (that took some time), everything else went smooth. Despite all of the effort, I dont believe there could have been a quick or effective way to perform all the balancing, and that I must wait for all of the kinds, but was expected. Next year I imagine I’ll be able to fly through the taxation in about 10% the time of this season.

TurboTax Business Fed + E-File 2012 [Old Version] Review | 420457 Review