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VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum – Perfect support for creative video editing Review

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum – Perfect support for creative video editing Review


Model: 639191920455



    • Video program with new, modern user interface
    • Multicam editing lets you edit footage from up to four cameras in real time
    • Direct upload to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook
    • Impressive transitions and effects for video production from NewBlueFX
    • Outstanding image stabilization and sophisticated color correction for film editing in an intuitive user interface



639191920455 Reviews

“Works For Me! ”

One thing to be aware of is there is a version titled VEGAS Movie Studio 14 (without the Platinum extension). That program is less expensive than the Platinum version. It may be fine for many editing jobs so could be a fantastic value. However, needless to say the Platinum version has enhancements. You need to understand the advantages of purchasing Platinum.The one that bit me when I decided to purchase Platinum (I paid for Platinum 13 but Platinum 14 was given to me free in the Amazon Vine process) was since I couldnt resize the video screen window. That may not seem like such a huge deal but somehow the program got stuck with a 1 broad window and I couldnt resize it regardless of what I did, including deleting and reinstalling the app. Other, more substantial differences are worth noting.The non platinum version cant handle BluRay, wont let you resize some windows, lacks any video effects and transitions that are standard from the Platinum version, and lacks the so called SmartSound attribute. There is a list of attribute comparisons on the VEGAS website.I used Movie Studio 13 for approximately a month until I sprang to the total cost of the Platinum version. Theres nothing wrong with this model design from VEGAS, its just that you need to know before sinking cash into the non Platinum version.Ive found Movie Studio 14 Platinum to be exactly what I need or desire – and more. There are lots more features than I will use at this time. That is a change from my prior experience with video editors (in this price range) which fell short on fundamental features. Studio 14 Platinum is way beyond a basic editor. Now I dont find myself needing anything over Studio 14 Platinum.One very cool feature of Studio 14 Platinum which isnt available in the traditional variant is the ability to create Picture-in-picture videos. With this feature I will show, for instance, a movie of a wake board rider supporting our boat as viewed from the boat, and from the GoPro camera that the wake board rider is wearing.I have had a small learning curve as each movie editor Ive ever owned has had a distinctive and quite different user interface from others. This is true of Studio 14 as well and Im gradually discovering the features as I go along. There is reasonable help in the program, more on-line, and an adequate user forum to have my questions answered.I especially appreciated the ability to apply video effects and effects to portions of my videos. This permits me to decorate, colour match, and use a number of other filters and restrict those filters to selected parts of the timeline. This may be a common capability of other video editors, so I dont know. However, I do understand I was not able to do that with all the four or five additional movie editor apps Ive owned (Pinnacle, Microsoft, Power Director, Adobe Premier Elements) however they had been all programs I abandoned a number of years ago so dont have the latest versions.Another feature I love is the ability to work with 4K files. I have three cameras which can record in 4K. Picture stabilization has let me create reasonable videos out of clips that were shot on our ship where it is very hard, at times, to maintain a camera steady.I’m pleased with VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum and hope it will serve my needs for years.

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum – Perfect support for creative video editing Review | 639191920455 Review