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Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder Review

Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder Review


Model: H6



    • Direct recording to SD cards up to 128GB.Display 2.0-inch full color LCD (320 x 240 pixels)
    • Gain knobs, pads, and phantom power for each input. Maximum Sound Pressure Input: 122 dB SPL
    • Newly redesigned preamps with an ultra-low noise floor, up to 24-bit/96kHz audio in wav or MP3 format
    • Mountable directly to dslr or camcorder with optional hs-01 hot shoe mount adapter. Multichannel and stereo usb audio interface for pc/mac/ipad
    • Includes: owners manual, SD card (2 GB), XYH-6 X/Y capsule, MSH-6 MS capsule, AA size LR6 battery x4, USB cable, sponge windscreen, cubase LE software, case



H6 Reviews

“H4n is currently Obsolete”

Zoom H4n is now obsolete with the release of the device.I have been a long-term user of this H4n and I swore by it in the field to capture good audio for my DSLR video work as well as quick mix reverses when performing live audio recordings for my business. This device was a godsend when it published and I have been using it for several years. I thought, how could you make it better than it is now, and the H6 addressed all my problems that I had.Pros: * The mic pre-amps in this device are far superior to the H4n. The noise floor is reduced and my article work following shooting video with my DSLR is much better, the audio sounds warmer and better and it looks like the signal is a whole lot cleaner at low dBs * 4 channels of XLR right out of the box! I love it! Now I will perform a backup recording or recording 4 XLRs at precisely the exact same time! I cant tell you how often I’d have loved to push the pre-amp just a little to drive out the noise but I couldnt becuase of clipping. Now this is not a concern as you’ve got individual compression on each channel and the capability to perform a double recording with a backup using less gain. * Yes this does match from the H4n SKB waterproof case. The moment I got the apparatus, I pulled the H4n out of the situation and put this right into it, together with each of the accessories without no problems. The H6 without the mics attached is exactly the same size as the H4n * The advantage dials are eloquent and an ideal addition. Much better than the push button gain control on the H4n * Pad switches directly on top. Perfect * Full Color Screen is far better on the eyes and great in low light, and now the screen dims to conserve battery versus turning off the backlight completely. Consider turning the H4n light in a dark room. Not happening! * Very solidly built. It’s a good piece of hardware. There are no squeaks and the buttons are strong. The record button is recessed and absolutely silent, therefore when making tabs you dont get that click sound in your records when using the apparatus in addition to a camera. * Two headphone outputs is amazing addition. Now you can direct track and send a line out at precisely the same time Now theres a monitor mixer onboard. After recording or perhaps tracking the sound you are able to combine the tracks on the fly and run those thru the line out into you camera rig. * Interchangeable mics are AWESOME!Cons: * Menus are now buried. The H4n had quick access to changing bit rates, Folders, File Format, and Speed. I overlook that and a few thought should have been given to maintaining a least the file folder and format buttons as fast access keys. It might have been amazing * Takes more batteries, but what do you expect with a device with two more inputs available * Select/Enter button is not consistent. Sometimes you need to push the negative switch in and sometimes you need to press the record button to pick items in the menus. Dont know why this isn’t continuous. This might be made better in a firmware upgrade. * Select button has to be pressed quite far in. Button could have used a shorter throw.Overall:This really is a killer device. Where else can you get a six track ultra mobile recorder with 24 bit 96k recording capacity. The preamps are much better, and footprint is about the same as the old version. This device is a must purchase for any DSLR filmmaker or if you’ve got pro setup and need more than 2 audio inputs. If you currently have an H4n then and never end up needing more than 2 inputs then you may want to pass. However, for all others this is an wonderful device!

Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder Review | H6 Review